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My New Year Digital Comms Resolutions

My New Year Digital Comms Resolutions

In my campaigns team, we’ve started a series of creative workshops to step into the shoes of our supporters, broaden our comms repertoire, and create engaging content and communications.

I can’t wait to continue with this work in the new year.

As I’ve been reading and listening to thoughts on digital communications trends over the Christmas period, I’ve been thinking about how critical digital communications are - they are often the only way we can speak directly to supporters.**

I realised that there are three key resolutions that I want to make for my digital communications work in 2019:

    A lesson I learn again and again, in every country and context that I work in: What you do for someone, without them, is not for them. The single most important thing I can do this year is get to know the supporters I am working for, and make sure they are at the heart of the language I use, the decisions I make, and the communications I create.

    The answer to every digital communications question is always: Do what works for your audience. For excellent content and email performance, you have to figure out what your audience needs, and do more of that! Alongside knowing my audience, I need a clear testing strategy for 2019 to shape content and communications based on robust findings.

    Whilst best practice can provide excellent practical guidelines: Communication is an art as well as a science. I can implement best practice by never sending an email without a test, or showing people a sample of the newsletter rather than a ‘click to subscribe for updates’ button - but I must continue to question and learn in order to create inspiring communications.

So these will be my 3 yardsticks as I get to work in 2019. I look forward to reporting back!

Have a very happy 2019!

** Thoughts on digital communications trends:

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