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We rise by lifting others

We rise by lifting others

Last week I had the privilege of listening to Dr. Paul Cosford and Michelle Dench speak about their cancer journeys at Macmillan Cancer Support. Their words were inspirational.

Paul and Michelle discussed their diagnoses, and the effects that their cancer journeys have had on themselves, their family, and friends. Hearing how they have navigated some of the most difficult experiences that you can be confronted with was extremely emotive. I simply can’t imagine what it must be like to be put on that path.

But what Paul and Michelle impressed upon me the most was their determination to live the life they want, as fully as they can, and in the spirit of helping others to be able to do the same.

“To life, whilst we have it, let’s enjoy it, with the people we’ve got with us.”
— Dr Paul Cosford

Paul’s love of cycling and Michelle’s love of running have been a support and a spur to keep them going on their own paths. But far beyond that, they have undertaken marathons and endurance events to raise awareness and funds so that the very services that have helped to support them will be able to do even more for others.

Their words have stayed with me. So, I am going to take their advice. Cycling and running are not really my thing, but I love hiking. I’ve signed up for the Peak District Mighty Hike, and I seem to have successfully persuaded my Dad and sister along for the journey!

Michelle finished her speech with the following words, and I now think of them every day. They will be by mantra whilst I get my old boots out and do my bit (only 40 weeks to go!):

“We rise by lifting others.“
— Michelle Dench
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